Token Distribution

System Incentive (8%):

Incentive given to block creators and verifiers, distribution to start when the blockchain goes live

Foundation (8%)

Foundation to keep a 8% share for overall community building and events

Token Sale (40%):

Token crowdsale, to be distributed at the end of the ICO, no lock-up period

Team (20%)

Incentive for the founding team of the project, to be distributed over 2 years

Early Supporters (8%):

Reward for supporters of the project, with various distribution times and terms

Developer Community (8%)

Build a network of developers and D-App development community, to be distributed for milestones reached and D-Apps built

Business Partnerships (8%):

Form strategic relationships with partners in both traditional industry and blockchain space, to be distributed over the course of the partnership or according to specific terms of contract

Total Olympus Tokens: 100,000,000


Phase 1: Olympus MVP Marketplace and Wallet Upgrade

Q1 2018

  • Integrate 0x decentralized exchange into Olympus wallet
  • Integrate Kyber decentralized exchange into Olympus wallet
  • Integrate Shapeshift into Olympus wallet
  • Build and test the Financial Products Marketplace
  • Deploy the Financial Products Marketplace
  • Launch 1-2 crypto-based financial derivative products

Phase 3: Olympus Blockchain

Q3-Q4 2018

  • Performance analysis between DPOS vs. DAG consensus algorithm
  • Build, test, and deploy consensus algorithm
  • Build, test, and deploy Olympus Blockchain
  • Launch Testnet
  • Launch Mainnet
  • Migrate Olympus ERC20 token to Olympus Blockchain token
  • Extend Olympus Financial Protocol to support Olympus Blockchain

Phase 5: Zero Knowledge Proof and Homomorphic Encryption

Q4 2018-Q4 2019

  • Implement Zero Knowledge Proof on Olympus Blockchain
  • Collaborate with universities and research institutions to improve the efficiency and applicability of Homomorphic Encryption

Phase 0: Olympus MVP Wallet

Q4 2017

  • Design MVP wallet
  • Build and test MVP wallet
  • Launch MVP wallet

Phase 2: Olympus Financial Protocol

Q2 2018

  • Define Financial Protocol standard
  • Build and test protocol sample on ethereum network
  • Provide Olympus Financial Protocol standard document
  • Provide Financial Protocol standard SDK

Phase 4: Olympus Migration

Q3-Q4 2018

  • Build, test, and deploy official Olympus Wallet
  • Migrate MVP wallet to official Olympus wallet
  • Migrate MVP Financial Products Marketplace to Olympus Financial Products Marketplace

Phase 6: Olympus Ecosystem

Q4 2018-Q4 2019

  • Build and provide developer tools, SDKs, and APIs
  • Set up fund to invest in teams building Fintech D-Apps on Olympus Blockchain
  • Host startup competitions and hackathons to build a developer community building applications on the Olympus Blockchain